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A Snowy Run On The 2nd District of the CNO&TP - 02/12/2006

I had not been out on an extended railfanning trip in months, but, there was snow on the ground, and more snowfall in the weather report. All the major pieces were in place for a railfanning day, but needed to check to see if anyone else might be planning on going out that day also. A few quick YAHOO Messages later I find out some others are thinking the same way, so the wheels are in motion for a SNOW SHOOT.

Sunday morning I go by and pickup Caleb and we head south, intending to meet up in Salvisa, but find out the others are rolling to Danville to meet. We get to Faulkner Road and meet up with Emmett and Greg, listen to the radio, and start planning the railfan run. With four photographers we all agree like normal to try and get different angles and shots as much as possible, even though it doesn't matter that much anymore.

While around Faulkner Road and the North Wye, we see 287 tied down with a new GEVO in primer waiting for a crew. We hear 376 coming so we start getting into positions, Emmett and Greg take the lower shots, Caleb wants the bridge shot, and I prefer the wide side shot. We get our pictures and hear 111 coming down the Louisville side, so Caleb and I go over and grab a shot of it, it was really dark but I did get something out of the side trip. Then we headed back over to catch 287 pulling toward Danville Yard. We all four were on the bridge for that shot, not much choice.

NS 376--NS 9154--02/12/2006 NS 111--NS 9323--02/12/2006 NS 287--NS 7539--02/12/2006

Next its down to the yard to regroup and see what might be shaking around the yard. We find a yard job active with a good looking GP38-2 looking right at us, so we all start getting different angles of that engine doing its switching. I took several angles, mainly the straight forward wedgies, but decided to try a little artsy angle or two also. The best pictures turned out to be the more artsy ones. After getting somewhat cold, and seeing as how there would be no more trains coming or going for awhile, we went to eat, which is normally a good thing. We went to Krystals, enough said.

NS TD2--NS 5556--02/12/2006 NS TD2--NS 5556--02/12/2006

After consuming enough lunch to gas the truck for the rest of the day, and listening to some really gross stories about Fat Albert, we head out in hopes of finding EMDX 76 one of only three Demonstrator SD70M-2 painted in those color scheme. We first find it just north of Danville , then follow him into the Danville Yard. This was my first time to see any of those demonstrators. We get some pictures at the yard, then head out when we think he is about to pull out of the yard. Caleb and I head on down to Bowen to get setup, hoping to find a good blanket of snow on the field. Emmett and Greg hung around the yard, on a gut instinct of Emmett's (I thought it was just gas) and caught the yard gang putting an extra engine in the 177 consist. Remember than in a few minutes. They caught up with us at Bowen. While we were there, 283 rolled southbound, then we waited for 282 to run northbound (with an interesting autorack), then finally saw 177 come southbound.

NS 177--EMDX 76--02/12/2006 NS 177--EMDX 76--02/12/2006 NS 283--NS 8669--02/12/2006 NS 283--NS 8669--02/12/2006 Auto Rack Graffitti--02/12/2006 NS 177--EMDX 76--02/12/2006

Now the race is on to the top of Kings Mountian to catch the EMDX Demostrator. Caleb and I get out first and ran like no tomorrow. After passing under the trussle, we hear the crew calling MOC and the dispatcher with engine troubles. BOTH trailing units are having problems, third unit was dead, second would not load up like it should, basically they have just the SD70M-2 online at this point. They stop around Geneva and try to get those engines running, without luck. Caleb and I tried to decide whether to go back or keep going. We both really wanted the Kings Mtn shot, so decided to go on and get setup. Later we hear the crew is going to try and make the Moutain, severely under-powered and knowing they probably will not make it to the top. The crew of 167 is warned to be prepared to cut off their engines and shove, should 177 stall. At this point we knew we should have one back, but we were on top, so we stayed. When we got up to the top, the cut was fogged in and the snow was coming down pretty good. We both could imagine the shots we were going to get of the EMDX pulling that grade. Unfortunately, grossly underpowered, that train took for ever to get up the hill, 39 minutes from South Fork to Kings Mtn (167 later did it from a dead stop at South Fork in 9 minutes). By the time 177 got to us, Emmett and Greg had come by, we had taken naps, gone for food, and the sun had come out! No fog, no snow, just shadows. Finally we hear him come around the bend at the bottom of the cut, he is moving a blistering 4 MPH and slowly loosing speed. I get a ton of pictures, few worthy of anything, but a few turned out ok. After he clears and we hear 167 is starting to pull, the sun goes away and the snow comes back, large flakes and a lot of them. We catch 167 in a mini-blizzard and goofed around and took a few others pictures.

NS 177--EMDX 76--02/12/2006 NS 177--EMDX 76--02/12/2006 NS 177--EMDX 76--02/12/2006 NS 167--NS 7542--02/12/2006 Snow On The Mtn--02/12/2006

It is starting to get later in the afternoon, and the main catch of the day has passed us yielding several nice shots, we start to head back down Kings Mtn and toward home, catch what you can on the ride home. We get seperated from Emmett and Greg and roam along. We catch the 133 southbound between South Fork and Geneva, with a little bit of sun, starting to pull the grade leading to the mountain. Later we catch the southbound loaded FEMA train at the Geneva cross-over with a very classic SD40-2 high-hood on point. He head northbound again, headed to the house, but hear about one last southbound, so we go after 215. We pass through some heavy snow then it clears up about the time we should have meet 215 at Junction City, so we turn back south and drive into the snow trying to figure where we could catch him in the snow. We decided Moreland was the place, so we got there, got out and waited. The flakes were huge, and there were a lot of them. We hear 215 blowing down the way so get in place and take a few last pictures. My first was a very long shot looking into the mini-blizzard seeing his headlights. By the time he got to me the snow was so heavy it was very difficult to make out the number boards, and I was not that far from the tracks. That was it for the day, we headed to the house, to work on pictures and start telling the tall tales of that days adventures along the CNO&TP.

NS 133--NS 9639--02/12/2006 NS 043--NS 3233--02/12/2006 NS 043--NS 3233--02/12/2006 NS 215--NS 8850--02/12/2006 NS 215--NS 8850--02/12/2006

I do hope you enjoy the pictures.