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NS Central Division Train Pictures

NS Central Division Map

The Norfork Southern Central Division and its many districts runs through East Central KY and Eastern Tennessee for the most part, with short legs reaching into North Carolina and Virginia. Since I live less than one mile from the Louisville District. MP 330.5, and only a few miles from the CNO&TP 1st and 2nd Districts and the Danville Yard, this becomes my most heavily travelled and photographed rail line.

Most of my pictures are on the 2nd District of the CNO&TP which runs from Danville, KY to Oakdale, TN. This district has some of the most scenic rail lines that I can get to within a day trip. I also catch my share on the Louisville District which runs Louisville, KY to Danville, KY. I have limited knowledge and pictures of the 1st District of the CNO&TP, Cincinnati, OH to Danville, KY line. I enjoy hanging around the Danville Yard, but I don't get that many pictures there, it just isnt that photogenic, but you can get hear some good information on the radio there, to know when and where to go to catch the better trains.

Pictures By The Districts

I have attempted to group the pictures in this collection by District as much as possible. Due to very heavy railfanning the 2nd District of the CNO&TP, I have had to split that district into two sections.