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NS Central Div - 3rd District of the CNO&TP Train Pictures

The NS Central Division 3rd District of the CNO&TP runs from Oakdale, TN to Chattanooga, TN. This district is the furthest from home and I have only been able to go on one trip to this area. I am hopeful to get here more in the future

NS 230--UP 5012--09/26/2004 NS 175--CN 5717--09/24/2004 NS 230--NS 5407--09/24/2004 NS 197--NS 9018--09/24/2004 NS 283--NS 2620--09/24/2004 NS 133--UP 4625--09/24/2004 NS 123--NS 9837--09/24/2004

NS Central Div - K&O District

NS 168--NS 9710--09/24/2004