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Welcome To My Photography Website

Welcome and I hope you enjoy the photography presented here. I am still very new at doing website development so please be patient and just enjoy the pictures and the site for what it is.

I enjoy photography, but still very much an amateur and always will be and thats just fine with me. I enjoy the hunt for the train pictures as much if not more than actually getting the pictures. Railfanning is a great way to enjoy the day with friends that have similar interests.

Site Layout

This site is layed out by major categories across the top sub-header menu. On those menus, you will get additional side menus for the pages of pictures under those sub-menus. The sidebar menu will change depending on the page you are actually viewing.

All of this pictures on this site should be clickable to give a much larger image, with picture details. Most all of those pictures are in a Rail Photography Database located at WWW.RAILPICTURES.NET and will be linked to from this site.

I hope you enjoy this site. Any issues or comments are always welcome, just please be nice.

My First Digital Rebel Train Picture

NS 223 / BNSF 5253

This picture was taken in Lawrenceburg, KY just East of the East Coal Chute switch on December 07, 2003 less than a mile from my house. Train symbol NS 223 with BNSF 5253 (GE Dash-9 44CW) leading. I think it worked out pretty good for the first shot with a new camera.

My First Truly Published Picture

(Full Story)
NS 223 / NS 2599

This picture is the first picture I have ever had published by a professional organization, other than the RAILPICTURES.NET website. For the full story and additional pictures, click here for the full story.